The strong patronage of the Chola Dynasty made the Tanjore District amongst the largest traditional silk weaving clusters of South India and likewise due to the patronage of the Pallava Dynasty, silk weaving assumed importance in the ancient Pallava Capital of Kanchipuram.

The silk saris woven in these parts were characterized by the use of heavily plied silk yarn and the use of real zari in the borders and pallu. Brides in earlier days were gifted with many Kanjivaram Silk Saris and jewellery by their families on their wedding. The sarees, like her jewellery, were not only a symbol of good luck they were also meant to be an investment and an asset for the girl who would be joining someone else’s family as Goddess ‘Lakshmi’.

Hailing under the patronage of Sarabhoji Maharaj, the Angadivals have been crafting silk saris for over 600 years now. The family of master weavers, who once enthralled the royal courts, bring their finest craft to Angadi Silks, Bangalore, making it possible for all the brides now own a unique piece of heritage.

The harmonious weave of the Golden Zari on both warp and weft, make the sari become a perfect choice for a bridal wear. The glisten of subtle and fine gold zari sets in elegance and sophisticated aura around her. In vintage days, traditional designs include a  variety of vintage motifs ranging from annam (Peacock), yali (Mythical Creature), maanga (Mango), gopuram (Towering temples) to contemporary lines, checks and minimal bhuttis (small motifs).

With the advent of industrialization, modern variants of the traditional Kanjivaram saris have been woven on power looms as opposed to handlooms thus improving the productivity of the weavers while reducing the cost of the sari while still others are woven using zari with lower percentages of silver and gold than the real zari.

As one of a handful of retailers to have their own design and manufacturing capabilities, the Angadi family has been both a pioneer and an innovator in the Kanjivaram saris. Angadi’s most unique and special 100% pure 24Kt Gold Zari Kanchivaram Sari, proves to be a testament to the family’s legacy that is sure to be an asset of elegance and investment.

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As one of the earliest organized designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and subsequently retailers of these saris the Angadi Family (through their wholesale firmaments – R.K.T. & Bros and R.K.R. & Sons) established their dominance in the “Kanjivaram” market in India and played a leading role in popularizing this genre of saris throughout India.

You will find the entire Ground Floor of Angadi Silks showroom dedicated to different types of Kanjivaram saris designed and manufactured exclusively by Angadi at our own manufacturing facilities. For those with an eye for something unique, a special designer collection of “Advaya” Kanjivarams, designed by Angadi’s Head Designer K.R. Raman, is available in the showroom.

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