Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani Sarees

Why Banarasi silk and Bandhani sarees should be in your wardrobe?

Bandhani sarees and Banarasi silk saree are popular sarees in India. Both of these Bandhani and Banarasi silk saree are in demand always, as both of these sarees have beautiful work and design on it. Bandhani sarees are basically from Gujarat and Rajasthan. Bandhani sarees are also called bandhej and in some region of southern India people also name it as “chungidi”. While preparing bandhani designers use the method of a tie and die, one can say it a great art,

How Banarasi silk and Bandhani sarees differs

There is no need to give an introduction to Banarasi silk saree in northern India, as the Banarasi silk saree used in wedding days, where the bride wears this saree. Bandhani sarees are available in all patterns one can use it in functions as well as also there are some patterns which one can use in daily life. Banarasi silk saree is famous for its zari work like gold, silver and also famous for good border embroidery. Bandhani sarees are famous for its dots textile design and bandhej method.

Why purchase Bandhani and Banarasi silk saree

  • New designs- Both Banarasi silk and Bandhani sarees are available in different designs, hence for design freak girl surely love the variety of both from cloth to color to design.
  • Look different- If you are from southern India then in function many people wear kanjivaram and you come with beautiful Bandhej design Bandhani saree, I am pretty sure you catch all eyeballs in your favor.
  • Prepare your own wardrobe- How cool! If you have sarees of all India in your wardrobe, Select best Bandhani saree and Banarasi silk saree.


In today’s time people from abroad also show their interest in Indian culture, hence when they come to India they first try saree. Who doesn’t want to see their mother, wife, and sister in that beautifully artistic, designed, zari work cloth “saree”. Saree always makes your look traditional and royal.Every person has its own taste for cloth; hence women should find the best retail outlet for the best piece. I would really recommend you just try once Bandhani sarees and Banarasi silk saree, I am sure you will be treated special

Keep shopping ladies! As Shopping is the best medicine.

Find a good trusted retail shop to find the best silk sarees for you.
“If you can’t stop think about it then buy it.”
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