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Chiffon sarees are made by using chiffon fabric that originated in France. The fabric gained popularity in India because of it’s subtle texture. This fabric has alternating twisting yarns and these twists gives the saree a little rough texture. Chiffon sarees can be made by using both synthetic and natural fibres. They are very soft and are easily compressible.

These are some reasons why you should prefer chiffon saree –

Gives a formal look – It doesn’t look heavy and gives a formal look which makes it an appropriate outfit for work

Easily Manageable – It is easy to wash and clean. The lightweight fabric material can be easily ironed without any hazard.

Suitable for all occasions – It gives an elegant look and can be use for all occasions be it Pooja, Office ceremony, party, wedding. It’s fine texture and material it always makes you look classy and gorgeous.

Gives you comfort – It will be comfortable and will give you a refreshing feeling. The fabrics used are very smooth and won’t harm your skin at all.

One more variant of chiffon saree is georgette sarees. Georgette sarees are quite similar to chiffon saree in drape and feel. Georgette Sarees are slightly heavier then chiffon and has more twisted weaving. This is a good option for daytime functions and gives you a classy look with a style. The beauty of a georgette saree is unparalleled.

Some varieties of chiffon sarees available with us –

  • Orange coloured chiffon saree – This saree gives a glamourous look. The high reflective of orange colour makes it different from other colours. Golden border and golden works are being done along the lower portion of this saree.
  • Red Chiffon Saree – This saree gives you a lively look. It has a beautiful golden coloured zari border.
  • Grey coloured Designer Saree – It is very uncommon saree. This outfit is used for special purpose.
  • Yellow Coloured designer saree – It is an absolutely classic outfit. Red border running throughout the saree gives it a beautiful look.

We also have pure green coloured chiffon saree, cream coloured saree etc. Advantage of this type of saree is cost of this saree is reasonable as compared to their quality.
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