This Christmas, Let Your Wardrobe Embody The Spirit Of The Festival With These Handpicked Looks


This Christmas, Let Your Wardrobe Embody The Spirit Of The Festival With These Handpicked Looks

The chill of the December winter brings along with it the warmth of Christmas. Our streets and homes are aglow with the twinkle of lights and the sparkle of tinsel. And as you gather around the decked-up Christmas tree with your loved ones to soak in the spirit of the festival, why not showcase the beauty of the occasion with curated looks from Angadi? We’ve put together three, special looks that will see you spread Christmas cheer all around.

Shades Of X’Mas

Everywhere you look, the colours of Christmas surround you. In one corner of your home, a serenely green tree stands elegantly while in another corner a string of red baubles shine through. So, why not weave that magic into your Christmas look as well? This stunning deep green Kanjivaram will achieve just that! The beautiful green that reminds you of a fragrant fern forest is bordered with a gleaming red Temple border. To complete the look you can pair the saree with a long-sleeve, silk blouse with elegant bhutta work. And, of course, traditional grandiose jhumkas for your ears will only take your look to the next level.

Design Divine

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that their favourite bit about Christmas is dolling up every nook and cranny of their home. From the little children to those who are simply children at heart, the joy of decorating puts a smile on everyone’s face. So, it’s only fair that your wardrobe pick for the festival mirrors the excitement and beauty that surrounds the festival. From Angadi you can take home this resplendent pink silk saree that’s adorned with elegant and detailed leaf motifs that remind of you of Christmas baubles. Interspersed with these are traditional bhuttas and a patterned gold border proves to be the crowning glory. To add to the glamour of the saree, we recommend you wear it with a heirloom necklace crafted from gold or in kundan.

Starry Night

At the midnight hour, as the Church bell tolls, join the carolers in their song with this opulent, mauve saree that befits the grand occasion. Adding to the allure of the mauve are threads of pink and rows of delicate motifs crafted with gold threads. The six yards of splendour are bordered with a pink and gold border. And the richness of the saree is only enhanced with a elaborate pallu that’s covered with a variety of traditional motifs. All you need is a string of jasmine circling an elegant hairdo. Or even a sparkling nath on your nose to seal your status as the queen of the night!

For timeless looks that embody the spirit and colours of Christmas, there is no place better than Angadi Silks. We look forward to seeing you at our store.

Merry Christmas!

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