Legend has it that the Gadwal’s famed weavers are the descendents of Jiveshwar Maharaj – the first weaver to the Gods and Goddesses of the heavenly realm. Till today, these divinely ordained weavers craft the renowned Gadwal Sarees that are part of the splendid collection at Angadi Silks.

Many centuries ago, impressed by the skills of the weavers at Gadwal, a small town in present-day Telangana, the local king sent them on a mission to Banaras. There the weavers learnt the intricacies of weaving and returned home to perfect the Gadwal saree.

Traditionally, the Gadwal saree is made up of a cotton body with the borders and pallu crafted from silk. The weavers, keeping in mind the South Indian aesthetic, use zari threads to fashion delicate floral motifs and patterns inspired by the region’s temple architecture. At Angadi Silks, its master weavers recreate these breathtaking designs on each of its Gadwal sarees.

Keeping up with the times, Angadi Silks also presents saree connoisseurs with silk cotton and pure silk versions of the Gadwal Saree.

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