Holi Krishna; A Connection and Celebration of Colors

Angadi Silks Bangalore

Holi Krishna; A Connection & Celebration of Colors

Angadi Silks Bangalore

As the day of auspicious Rangpanchami dawns upon us, many centuries ago, in the Braj region of India, when the fields were lush and the flowers were blooming, the dark bluish skin would characterize the enchanting Bal Krishna. That early morning, while playing his flute, Krishna gazes at the pristine waters of Yamuna, and teases the gopikas who were bathing; something would bother him.

Angadi Silks Bangalore
A painting seen in Bundhi Garh Palace, Rajasthan

He returned home, and in wonder, Kannaiyah asks his mother Yashodha if Radha and other fair skinned girls in Vrindavan who were enjoying themselves to the cold waters in the bank of river Yamuna would like him because of his skin color. Looking at the enchanting Kamala Kannan (The one with lotus like eyes), Mother Yashoda asked him to smear his favorite colors on the girls playfully.

As Raas Lila, the eternal love episode of Lord Krishna and Radha would have it, this event of color smearing by playful Krishna on Radha and her Sakhis will be commemorated, as “Holi” also during which, the divine love between the Krishna and Radha is illustrated.

The festival is celebrated until Rangpanchmi when the eternal spring will have the enchanting forests appear in full bloom. Krishna, along with other village boys would be chasing the girls of Vrindavan to smear the blazing red color extracted from the flowers of palash or tesu tree, also called the Flame of the forest. The green color from the gulmohur leaves, blue color from the Indian Berries, and Krishna’s favorite yellow from the turmeric; would leave all the Gopis soaked in colors and yet mesmerized by Krishna’s soulful and cosmic flute rendition causing them to be in eternal joy and love.

Take cues from the festive color palette, and look color smitten yet classic on this special day of joy and love.

For the day, (while you are not playing Holi!) look cheerful with bright pops of Leheriya Saris of Rajasthan or Bandhini Saris of Gujarat from Angadi Silks.

Bandhini Saris at Angadi Silks Bangalore
Featured are Bandhini Saris at Angadi Silks Bangalore
Banarasi Silk Sarees
Look luxurious and classic in Banarasi Silk Sarees from Angadi Silks in Bangalore.

For the evening, choose the bright Dhakai Jamdani’s or the elegant Paithani’s to visit friends and families over dinner.

Angadi Silks Bangalore
Seen here are Bright and colourful Dakai Jamdhanis at Angadi Silks Bangalore
Angadi Silks Bangalore
RIch and festive Paithani sarees at Angadi Silks Bangalore.
Gadwal Silk Sari
Showcasing soft and breezy Gadwal Silk Sari in Krishna Blue colour available at Angadi Silks Bangalore.

May this joyous day bring upon love and happiness to you.

Happy Holi!

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