Ikkat Sarees

Ikkat Sarees

Ikkat sarees are made out of a long tie and dye work on the textile material, Ikkat sarees have a different name in different states, as for people of Andhra Pradesh its pochampalli sarees, for Gujarat its patola saree which is called as patola from Patan. Not only Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh but Sambhalpur district of Odisha also prepare this beautiful ikkat sarees. These sarees need a long time as it is difficult to embed different arts and design in that one textile cloth. If you are more near to history, then try Kalamkari sarees.

Like Ikkat sarees please try once Kalamkari sarees also.

In India, mostly everyone has Banarasi silk saree and Kanjivaram saree, Hence try once Ikkat sarees and Kalamkari sarees center of attraction point. Like Ikkat sarees, Kalamkari sarees are also beautiful due to its famous art on it textile. In India, there are millions of people who are work in saree making, But to make Kalamkari sarees are a different matter. The person who has a love for painting, history, arts, and design can only make perfect Kalamkari sarees. Hence try this saree once as it looks beautiful with heavy artwork.

Why to purchase Kalamkari and Ikkat sarees

  • New for you- I am sure that you have already tried Banarasi silk sarees and Kanjivaram silk sarees, it will be new for you, remind my words all money you spend on Ikkat and Kalamkari sarees are worth it.
  • Importance for a long time- You heard it correct, Kalamkari technique was used at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata, hence art on your sarees have historical importance. Today saree of Air India’s cabin crew is also ikkat sarees.

In Today’s time, fashion is most important, as it is connected with your status. As Indian women in functions; everyone’s expect sarees from you. Ikkat sarees artwork and traditions are centuries old, hence there is no need to say on quality and tradition of it. While talking about Kalamkari sarees great paintwork with drawing on handloom is making this sarees more beautiful.

Look different with Ikkat sarees and Kalamkari sarees.
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