Kanjeevaram Silk

Kanjeevaram Silk

Kanjeevaram silk sarees or also known as pure kanjivaram silk sarees are weaved using pure Silk and Zari. Zari is normally used for the borders and for decoration purposes. It gives a rich look to the Kanjeevaram Silk Saree.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees, usually the heritage Kanjivaram Silk Sarees use Zari made of gold or Silver. Heritage Kanjivaram silk sarees were used in temples or during weddings. Zari as such means brocade or tinsel thread. Now-a-days, though, Zari is made of silver with gold electroplating. Metals such as copper or any metal which is malleable is also used these days. This type of metal used in pure kanjivaram silk sarees is known as imitation zari. The use of imitation zari has cut the cost enormously for saree weavers. Heritage Kanjivaram Silk sarees use zari which is made of 3 silk threads twisted with a silver wire making heritage Kanjivaram Silk Sarees strong and very elegant. This accounts for the long life of the saree unlike other sarees. Kanjeevaram silk sarees weight can go as high as 2 kilos at times depending on the type of zari used. There are people who sell or buy used and even torn heritage kanjivaram silk sarees for its rich zari.

There are three types of pure kanjivaram silk sarees-

  • The first type is the original and traditional type of kanjivaram silk saree with pure silk which is called pattu and pure zari. These pure kanjivaram silk sarees are very costly and usually ranges from seven thousand rupees to up to two lakhs. These are the purest form of pure kanjivaram silk sarees.
  • The second type is silk plus half fine zari. These are available everywhere these days because it’s not only of low cost but also of less weight.
  • The third type is half fine silk which is synthetic in nature. They are extremely weightless and of low cost. However, the quality is quite inferior when compared to the first and second type.


The second and the third type are widely available in the market. Many use these two types due to its light weight and less price. A kanjeevaram silk saree is thus correctly called the ‘Queen of silks’. Possession of such a pure form of silk, also one which has been traditionally bestowed down through generations of women in a family, is indeed a very desirable addition to anyone’s closet.

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