Silk Sarees Shops Bangalore

Silk Saree Shops Bangalore

Silk saree shops in Bangalore are well-known for their high class of silk Saree’s. Though there are many saree showrooms Bangalore, still finding the right showroom is very important. Silk is considered as a sign of aristocracy. During the hand-loom days, it was expensive, but now with the mechanized looms, it’s become fairly affordable. We at Angadi Silk pride our collection of silk sarees.

We are the best saree showrooms Bangalore has to offer. The silk saree shops in Bangalore is located in a residential suburb of Jayanagar and people from across India come to buy silk sarees. This silk emporium is spread over 15,000 sq feet and has 4 floors dedicated to silk Saree’s. Each floor shows you a different era thanks to the Tanjore Paintings and the Chola bronzes that decorate them. As you go by, you can also see the Angadi Silk legacy in the beautiful illustrations with full details.

August is an auspicious month for Indians, as all get ready to honor goddess Lakshmi. The festive is celebrated with full gala and respect. Few days before, ladies do shopping to decorate their houses and the ladies enthusiastically go to silk saree shops in Bangalore to buy silk sarees as they are considered an auspicious dress. It is said, a new saree pleases Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, Angadi Silks saree showrooms Bangalore is the ideal stop to buy one.

Angadi Silks is located in Jayanagar and the home to all types of silk sarees. Though, there are many silk saree shops in Bangalore, Angadi Silk (saree showrooms Bangalore) is a premium choice as here you get:

  • A showcase of silk sarees to choose from.
  • You get a collection ranging from bright green, yellow, blue, maroon among other colors.
  • The saree showrooms Bangalore offers woven sarees with checks, peacock and coin bhutta designs as well.

Angadi Silks is one of the many silk saree shops in Bangalore. But, if you are looking for that special silk saree then, Angadi Silk is your destination. Apart from silk sarees in Angadi Silk saree showrooms Bangalore you get Banarsi sarees, Gadwal sarees, Chikankari and many other embroidered sarees to make your occasion more special.


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