Traditional Sarees

Traditional Sarees

Traditional sarees are the best means to represent the Indian culture. Pure, divine, vibrant are the words which describe the aura of wearing a traditional saree. In this clothing industry, trends keep changing with the nick of time and it is a task to keep up with the latest trend. Different styles and materials come but wither out of the fashion too soon. The need to update the wardrobe arrives at early intervals. In this globalised culture of western influence, traditional sarees like the art silk sarees are forever to stay in your collection.

Evolution of traditional sarees:

The clothing of saree is linked back to Indus Valley Civilisation where cotton was produced and weaved into a saree. They have been a part of different communities spread all over India and only differ in the draping style. From South India’s ever so famous Kanjivaram to West Bengal’s Baluchari; the embroidery of Banarsi and the simplicity of Patola from Gujarat; this Indian attire has come a long way. Art silk or (artificial) silk sarees are new in trend where they provide a great substitute for pure silk sarees.

Some of the benefits of art silk sarees are-

  • Comfort: Art silk sarees are light and comfortable. They are easy to drape with the least possible creases.
  • Style: A silk saree is an amalgamation of ethnic Indian attire and eternal fashionable look. Art silk sarees come in bright as well as deep colors and are easy to set with suitable accessories.
  • Price: Traditional sarees as charming as look often come at a price. If you want a pure silk saree feel that is light on your pocket, then art silk saree should be in your list. They price range varies according to the work done on the saree; however you buy a silk look in the price of a cotton saree.
  • Availability: With immense competition in the clothing industry, each retailer looks to supply quality material at the best price. Traditional sarees dominate the marketplace and the art silk sarees are sold in bulk in almost every market.

Sarees are worn in every Indian household and the craze for a traditional saree sets in with every wedding season. Art silk sarees not only suit your functional needs but are highly recommended for daily wear as well. It’s time to go ethnic and drape that piece of grace!

Find a good trusted retail shop to find the best silk sarees for you.
“If you can’t stop think about it then buy it.”
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