Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada sarees are types of sarees which are woven in Uppada of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. Uppada sarees are known for their light weight and easy wearability. The Jamdani style of weaving is around 3 centuries old and originates in neighbouring Bangladesh, from where weavers came and settled in Uppada.

Uppada Sarees are known for the unique designs in them, they are usually made with Cotton warp. Using only non-mechanical techniques, Uppada Silk sarees are defined by the length and breadth count of threads. The artisans also use a lot of zari work in the exquisite designs of Uppada Silk Sarees.

Why Uppada Silk sarees are a preferred choice people across the Indian spectrum for formal occasions.

  • Uppada Sarees are having light weight and easy wearability.
  • Uppada Silk Sarees are soft and delicately woven, which are a manifestation of a woman’s emotions. An epitome of beauty, liveliness, resilience, strength and vigour, a woman has been the source of inspiration in putting life into these
  • Uppada sarees practice the old weaving technique
  • Uppada sarees hold great esteem the world over and are seen as one of the foremost contributors to India’s textile chronicles.
  • Uppada silk sarees are a preferred choice of today’s women during occasions of weddings, festivals and formal gatherings since they are not only the latest sarees of the country but also these Uppada silk sarees are very reasonably priced too.

Uppada Silk Sarees are in huge demand worldwide. These hand loom sarees are soft, comfortable and elegant to wear and also they suite to all the climates. Uppada silk sarees are considered one of the most labour intensive and pain staking forms of handloom weaving. Glorious looking and light weight, these almost translucent.

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